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Nosacreatives is a platform developed by the urge for the celebration of art and artists, empowering creatives to unite, collaborate and reap the fruits of their labour, while at the same time exposing consumers to the spectacular work of creative individuals from around the globe.

Nosacreatives is a digital platform that allows you to view art and become a collector all from the comfort of your own home. The creator being an artist herself, we are passionate about giving visual artists a voice by not only aiding their exposure but giving them an opportunity to earn a living through the thing that inspires and fuels them most, beautiful works of art.

Our platform is a beautifully presented, fast and efficient way to learn about new talents within the world of art and a rising melting pot for aspiring and established art collectors. Our team are friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about our services and talents in which feature on our website. The artwork on Nosacreatives is carefully selected and curated on our website for the aesthetic viewing pleasure of our visitors.

Our mission statement is to reduce the red tape of the art market and open doors for talents with little opportunities to be compensated adequately for their work. In turn, giving art buyers the comfort of finding out about the best talents, undiscovered or established, and their work within a few clicks/taps. We believe that anyone can be a buyer and lover of art as it is one of the major pillars of society,


The art market should not be stifled by the controlling infrastructure that currently exists. Making, selling and buying art should be a beautiful experience of excitement and enjoyment rather than capitalist or exploitative constructs. Nosacreative is for the consumers, by the artists.

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